1 Hour Consultation with Bret and Bryan

BryanAndBretWhen we meet Information Marketers at live events we are constantly asked all kinds of questions:

  • How did you get started?
  • What is the best way for me to market my product?
  • How can I grow my list (platform)?
  • How do I become a “guru” or authority in my market?

Perhaps you have had these questions too. Or perhaps you have had other questions on how you can grow your business. Well now you can schedule time with Bret and Bryan and they will help you to find the solution(s) you need to take that next step in your business.

Once you purchase a session you will receive an email with a link to a form to fill out to help make your time with Bret and Bryan very productive. Once you complete this form you will be contacted to schedule your session with Bret and Bryan. Sessions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and Bret and Bryan are so busy managing all of their business that they only have 2 sessions open per week.

1 Hour Consultation with Bret and Bryan – $497.00