Every job is custom quoted based on your exact product specifications.  But, we understand if you’re fairly new to information marketing, you may not have yet determined what all is going to go into your product.

So, provided below, are prices for several “common” configurations of information products.  This will give you a ballpark idea of how much your product might cost.

The major driver of price for an information product is the print component.  And color printing is considerably more expensive then printing in black and white.  So, unless color is critical to the understanding of the information you want to impart to your customers, it is rarely cost justified.

In the pricing examples below if discs (CDs or DVDs) are involved the pricing is based on duplication of discs (<500 units) rather than replication of discs (500 or greater units).  When you are requesting a quote from Speaker Fulfillment Services be sure to specify if you intend to have larger quantities produced so the pricing for replication of discs can be factored into the overall price.

Example 1: Single CD in a DVD style case – $2.86

Example 2: Single DVD in a DVD style case – $3.00

Examples 3-4: 100 page single-sided black and white spiral bound document with full color cover – $8.99.  Printed double-sided – $6.67
Example 5: 6 DVD set with discs in plastic sleeves in a  2-ring album – $14.92
Examples 6-9: 250 page manual printed single-sided black and white in a 1-1/2″ binder with full color outserts and 6 CDs in plastic sleeves within the binder – $36.22.  Printed double-sided – $31.99.  Printed in full color throughout – $97.88.  Printed double-sided in full color – $89.36.

Two concepts that are critical for information marketers to fully understand are “Perceived Value” and the “10:1 Rule of Information Marketing.”  Click on the underlined words in quotes for a helpful article on that particular topic.

For your own custom quote please email us your product specifications to Or, pick up the phone and give us a call at 812-877-7100 between 8 am and 5 pm EST Monday through Friday.